Communing with My Predecessors

I communed with you last night. I saw you while I was in the fields. Your spirits were there in the forest You said and spoke nothing, but Your faces looked down upon me With love and reverence for me. I told you I hated all the violence, The dysfunction that you passed on throughoutContinue reading “Communing with My Predecessors”

Tribute to Heroes

You put your life on the line. You are on the front line. Your shift is never ending. You are selfless with service. You are exhausted. You have toiled. You saved lives. You tried to save lives. You warned us all. You forewarned us all. You witnessed tragedy. You saw devastation. You got ill. YouContinue reading “Tribute to Heroes”

I Weep for The World

Innocence is lost. Chaos has ensued. Tears are streaming as the world is now engulfed in flames. A pandemic brings all hidden issues to the surface. Finger pointing. Politicizing. Prejudicing. Discriminating. Fighting. Hating. All of these ills brought forth now make me silently weep for this world. I hope we will heal from this pandemicContinue reading “I Weep for The World”

Coronavirus Coping Tips

Tips on being productive with work when working from home Concentrate on completing your tasks and don’t let any distractions sideline you from doing this. Make a mental plan of how to complete each task and follow it. This will train your mind to make sure you get your tasks done. If you have aContinue reading “Coronavirus Coping Tips”

Things To Do During Difficult Time

I love, live, work and exist in a place where the coronavirus was discovered and found, China. This time has been frightening, unsettling, freaky and just downright creepy at times. What can one do during a time when movement to various places is restricted and not recommended? I have a suggestion of what can beContinue reading “Things To Do During Difficult Time”

Apology to Wild Animals

What have the humans done? The greed of money and power Made them ravenous for you. You do not belong trapped inside many cages swimming in filth and disgusting, dirty containers filled with slime and grime as you await to be picked, bought, slaughtered, gutted and enjoyed by greedy humans indulging in tasting a “novelty”Continue reading “Apology to Wild Animals”

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