In Its Finest Form

Though the forest never Consented to being razed, The oceans didn’t ask To be polluted with toxins, The ground never requested To be drilled deep for oil, The atmosphere didn’t demand To be filled with noxious poisons, And the earth doesn’t deserve To be destroyed and pillaged, Beauty still remains. Beauty is translucent, Underneath theContinue reading “In Its Finest Form”

Heaven on Earth Is…

Listening to each chirp from the birds nearby As I awake at 6:00 a.m. Inhaling the sumptuous black tea, vanilla bean hot water and honey aroma present in my cup. Staring into the eyes of my soulmate’s face while we video chat. Breathing in the scent of a colorful array of freshly bloomed flowers. WatchingContinue reading “Heaven on Earth Is…”

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