Don’t Judge So Quickly

Give non judgement a chance. Don’t be so quick to think what you think you know about someone all the time. This is hard for us humans, we are always thinking that we know what we know when we really don’t know. Try to catch yourself as you are thinking judgmentally relax, calm your thoughtsContinue reading “Don’t Judge So Quickly”

Truth About Humanity

Humans carry much baggage. Always trying to pretend, we are ok, we are strong. We can do all things alone. We are tough and unbreakable. Meanwhile, in the dark crevice, of our twisted mind and soul, we do things we shouldn’t. We are sometimes very sick, with no methods of getting Unsick. Better. Wiser. Cleaner.Continue reading “Truth About Humanity”

Connection to Complexity

We are all a part of nature. Fertilized by a man’s sperm, we’re sprung from the womb of a woman whose body gives birth to all of humanity. As a part of nature on Earth, we will encounter and bond with a plethora of humans in some capacity and formality. And, with connection to peopleContinue reading “Connection to Complexity”

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